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What have I been doing wrong? Week 1

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I've gained about 8 lbs since June, and it's incredibly frustrating. Initially, I thought it was all the fault of our long stint staying in a hotel for a month in Jordan, but the weight hasn't come off despite getting back to the grind for more than two months now.

So, I'm doing an experiment. I'll be remaking all of the meals I originally made in January 2018 when I lost 10 lbs, probably a little too quickly, but I want to see if my diet just isn't enough anymore. If it isn't I'll be calling a doctor to see what the heck I can do.

Things that won't be the same:

  • I have quite a bit of fun weekends planned where I'll be eating out: 3 nights in Montreal, 3 nights in Nashville, and 1 night in NYC

  • I won't be eating the meals in exactly in order

  • I'll be "remixing" some of the recipes to incorporate what I think are healthier ingredients or just to change the flavor profile using different spices

  • I'll be posting a few absolutely new recipes for lunch & breakfast options

What's in store through October:


Week 1: September 29 - October 2

September 29

Food & Drink

5 glasses of water

2 cups of coffee

2 cups of decaf

Bloody Marys

Chickpea apple salad

Quinoa & Vegetable Teriyaki Bowls REMIX: Add Chinese 5 Spice to the Quinoa


~4.5 miles of walking

September 30

Food & Drink

6 glasses of water

Remainder of chickpea apple salad

1 vanilla oat yogurt

Thai Peanut Bowls (actually put it in a wrap this time)

2 diet cokes


12 minutes of strength training ~ 6.5 miles of walking

October 1

Food & Drink

5 glasses of water

2 cups of coffee

1 cup of decaf

Leftover Thai wrap filling

Handful of wheat cereal

And here's where it goes wrong, at the game: cheese pizza, veggie nachos, a few beers


~15 minutes of strength training (arms)

~5 minutes of stretching

~7 miles of walking

October 2

Food & Drink

6 glasses of water

Egg wrap

Bowl of wheat cereal with cashew milk

Cheese and mustard sandwich

Handful of crunchy Chinese noodles

Creole Cauliflower Rice Jambalaya

Whiskey & diet


~2 miles of walking

October 3-6

No tracking

Notes for the week

Looking at the grocery list for the recipes, it was very heavy on peppers: bell pepper, poblano, and jalapeno. My thumb is finally feeling better post my mandolin accident, so I'm back to lifting. My big blunder was having too much fun watching the Nats-Brewers game. Totally worth it on a social level though. My body does not thank me.

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