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pantry & tools

For me, going vegetarian meant new pantry staples and using cooking gear that I either rarely used, or just didn't have.

Here are two lists I wish I had when I first started.

what to keep on  hand

  1. Nutritional yeast

  2. Flour: oat, chickpea, almond, all-purpose, whole wheat, buckwheat, hazelnut, etc.

  3. Starches and meal: corn, flax, tapioca, etc.

  4. Veggie broth or if you want to make your own, like I do, then be sure to have glad bags to freeze veggie scraps and bay leaves for boiling.

  5. Coconut milk 

  6. Beans: chickpeas (!), black beans, white beans, kidney beans, etc.

  7. Lentils of all colors

  8. Noodles: Thai, udon, ramen, soba, etc.

  9. Quinoa and rice

  10. Nuts: peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc

  11. Nut butter: peanut, almond, and cashew

  12. Curry pastes

  13. Vegan butter and mayo

  14. Coconut aminos

  15. Cashew milk (a little healthier and better for the environment than almond milk)

tools to make life easier

  1. High speed blender

  2. Food processor

  3. Spiralizer

  4. Grater

  5. OR instead of 3 & 4, get a stand-up mixer with attachments for spiralizing & grating

  6. Instant pot with pressure cooking and steaming capabilities

  7. Parchment paper or reusable silicone mat 

  8. Mandolin

  9. Splatter guard

  10. Herb garden 

  11. Deep skillet

  12. Pizza pan

  13. Wok

  14. Waffle maker

  15. Electric Griddler

  16. Rolling pin

  17. Sous vide

  18. Immersion blender

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