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Mexican Zucchini Roll-ups with Refried Beans

So I made some Mexican Zucchini Roll-ups with Walnut Meat last month that I really dug, so when I saw these Mexican pinwheels by Minimalist Baker, I thought, why not swap in zucchini for tortillas, especially since my gluten-free friend is in town.

zucchini roll ups

Serves: 16-20 roll-ups | Time: ~30 min


1 medium sized #zucchini

2/3 cup Spreadable Vegan Mexican Cheese, divided

2/3 cup vegan refried #beans

1 medium ripe #avocado, finely sliced or diced, divided

1/2 cup red bell pepper, finely diced, divided

Plus any seasoning you like, like cumin or cayenne.


Peel and then slice the medium sized zucchini into very thin strips, you should get about 16 if you sliced them thin enough. Salt them and allow them to sit while you prepare the rest in order to draw out some of the water.

In order to assemble, wipe the salt off of the sliced zucchini. Lay one flat and spread some of the refried beans onto the slice, covering about half.

Then add some avocado and red pepper

Then drizzle a touch of cheese over the veggie area.

Then starting on the end that has veggies, carefully begin to roll until you reach the other end of the zucchini. You may need to secure the end of the zucchini with a dab of cheese.

Plate and enjoy!

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