Zucchini and Green Peas Coconut Curry

zucchini peas curry

Recipe by Healthier Steps | Serves: | Time: ~40 min


1 tbsp coconut oil

1 small onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 tsp fresh ginger, grated

2 tbsp curry powder

1/2 tsp ground paprika

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp dried thyme leaves

2 #zucchini, chopped

1 cup green #peas (we threw in some leftovers, so more like 1.5 cups this go)

1 -14 ounce can coconut milk (we did light coconut milk, with a splash of full fat)

1/2 cup vegetable broth or water

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper

1/4 cup cilantro leaves, chopped


Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add onion, garlic, and ginger and cook stirring until onion is soft about 3 minutes.

Add curry powder, paprika, cumin, and thyme and cook stirring for about 1 minute. Stir in zucchini to coat.

Add coconut milk, broth or water, salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Cover saucepan and reduce to simmer for 15 minutes. Add peas and cilantro cook for 1 more minute.

Serve over brown rice.

What I ate and drank today (9/10/18)

4 glasses of water

2 cups of decaf

1 cup of caffeinated coffee

Leftover soba noodles

1/2 almond butter and basil leaves sandwich

Bowl of Life cereal with almond milk




~3 miles of walking

What I ate and drank today (9/9/18)


2 cups of coffee

Stir-fry soba noodles with carrots and brussels sprouts

Leftover salad

Handful of Life cereal



What I ate and drank today (9/8/18)


1 cup of coffee

1/2 coconut waffle with almond butter

Small bowl of chilled mango-cherry soup

Veggie sandwich -- avocado, red pepper, mushroom, tomato

Adult beverages


Spinach and artichoke dip


~2.5 miles of walking

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