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What have I been doing wrong? Week 2

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Let's start by saying, long holiday weekends and our team being in the playoffs, do not help me doing anything right.

Friday and Saturday, I was in Montreal for a birthday celebration. While I think I didn't go too crazy with calories and portions, I definitely ate more cheese than usual. I drank alcohol. And I definitely didn't drink enough water.

Sunday was a travel day and more eating out. Monday, we scored some great tickets and then ate at the buffet, and of course drank more beer. I did only have cereal before the buffet.

On the bright side, I've gotten in quite a bit of walking. On Friday, I hit 11 miles. Saturday, I hit about 6 miles. Sunday was my "lazy" day, but still hit about 8,000 steps. Monday, I did over 10,000. Now it's time to get serious.

October 8

Food & Drink

Split pea lettuce wraps

2 celery sticks with peanut butter

Sweet Potato, Chipotle and Apple Soup

4 glasses of water (yeesh!)

2 cups of coffee

White wine


~3.5 miles of walking

A lot of housework

burrito bowl

October 9

Food & Drink

2 cups of decaf

1 cup of coffee

4 glasses of water

leftover soup

Celery sticks with peanut butter

Lettuce, cheese and provolone (a sandwich without bread)

Instant Pot Quinoa Burrito Bowl REMIX: added some avocado crema, poblano pepper preserves and lettuce. We're thinking about making a layered dip using it.)

Too much alcohol. The MLB playoffs are going to be the death of me.


~ 3.5 miles of walking

October 10

Food & Drink

5 glasses of water

1 cup of decaf

2 cups of coffee

Bagel with cream cheese

Leftover quinoa burrito bowl with lettuce

Thai take out -- curry puffs and panang curry with tofu and vegetables


~ 4.5 miles of walking

October 11-14

I won't be tracking these days. Another friends weekend, and I'm putting the laptop away. The goal is to be better about water though. I basically was dehydrated all last weekend, and the bad habit has continued into the week.

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