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Toasted Thanksgiving Sandwich

Who needs turkey? This sandwich is filling and easy to make.

Thanksgiving sandwich

Inspired by Molly Malloy's at Redding Terminal in Philadelphia

Serves: 1-2 | Time: ~20 min


1/2 onion, sliced

1 tsp vegan butter

1 small sweet #potato

1 serving cranberry sauce

1 small #avocado, pitted and peeled, sliced up or mashed up

1 serving of leafy greens (I used #kale)

1 large or 2 small ciabatta rolls (I went with gluten free, because they were available)


Start by caramelizing the onions. You can do this ahead of time. Melt butter in a saucepan over high heat. Add onions and cook, stirring frequently, until bottom of saucepan is glazed in a pale brown fond, about 5 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons water and scrape up fond with wooden spoon.

Continue to cook, stirring frequently, until fond has built up again, about 2 minutes longer. Add 2 more tablespoons water and scrape up browned bits. Repeat cooking, adding water, and scraping until onions are completely softened and a deep, dark brown, about 15 minutes total

While you're working on the onion, also warm up your panini press or waffle maker. And make time to wash the sweet potato thoroughly, pat dry, and pierce 3-4 times with a fork. Place potato on microwave-safe plate and microwave 5 minutes. If it isn’t fork tender after 5 minutes, continue microwaving in 30 second increments.

Open the large or two small rolls. Add mashed sweet potato to the one half. Then pile on onion, cranberry sauce, avocado, and leafy greens. Add the second ciabatta half. Add the sandwich or sandwiches to a toaster oven and toast on medium.

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