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Instant Pot Cauliflower Mushroom Risotto

Source: What Great Grandma Ate | Serves: 4 | Time: 15 min

Instant Pot Cauliflower Mushroom Risotto


1 medium head of cauliflower, cut/blended into rice

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 small onion, diced

1 lb small shiitake #mushrooms, sliced

3 garlic cloves, minced

2 tbsp coconut aminos

1 cup full-fat coconut milk

1 cup vegetable broth

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1/2 tsp salt or more, to taste

2 tbsp tapioca starch

Ground black pepper, to taste

Chopped parsley for garnish


Add coconut oil to the Instant Pot and set it to "Sauté." Let it heat for 5 minutes and make sure to coat the bottom of the pan.

Add onion, mushrooms, and garlic and cook stirring for 7 minutes, until the mushrooms have sweat and are tender.

Add coconut aminos, and stir cooking for 5 minutes until the vegetables are browned. Turn off the Instant Pot.

Add cauliflower rice, coconut milk, broth, nutritional yeast, and salt. Stir everything together.

Seal the lid, make sure the pressure valve is set to close, and set the Instant Pot to "Manual" for 2 minutes.

Once it finishes to a beep, immediately release the pressure valve and open the lid. You can drain some of the liquid if there's too much (this depends on how much moisture was in your cauliflower).

Sprinkle tapioca starch over the risotto and stir until thickened. Add more salt if desired. Add ground black pepper.

Serve warm, sprinkled with chopped parsley.

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