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Trekking and Tracking: Pea Soup with Red Beans, Sun-dried Tomatoes, and Sweet Corn

Pea soup

We checked out a local "Mediterranean" restaurant and this jumped off the page for me. I haven't made pea soup in over a year, and when I did, I wasn't too excited about it. This was delicious and is full of potential. What I have in mind:

1. Use coconut milk to make the pea soup creamy, or maybe almond milk.

2. Instead of red beans, use red lentils or brown lentils.

3. Go bigger with the sun-dried tomatoes, or maybe go with a sun-dried tomato pesto to drizzle on top like I did with the zucchini, kale and broccoli soup.

4. Corn is corn. Why reinvent the wheel?

What I ate and drank today (7/30/2018)

Lots of water

1/2 cup of coffee

Corn flakes with raisins and low-fat milk

1 veggie spring roll

3 tomato slices with a little salt

5 fancy crackers

7 Green olives

Pea soup with corn, red beans, and sun-dried tomatoes

Side salad (lettuce, carrots, tomato, cucumber)

Bread with spinach spread

2 glasses of white wine

1 cup of coffee


30 minutes on the treadmill

~20 minute walk outside

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