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Trekking and Tracking: Malai Kofta

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Malai Kofta

Currently on a long trip, but I still wanted to keep track of what I'm eating and share the tastier vegetarian dishes I come across for inspiration when I return.

So far, I've had nothing but delicious food. The only problem is, everything seems to have dairy in it. But today I happened about a fast food Indian restaurant steps away from the hotel, and hello vegan options!

Today, I had malai kofta for the first time, but definitely not for the last time. A quick Google search reveals all sorts of vegan recipes to get me close. It's just a matter of adjusting my insane meal schedule planned through May 2019...

You're supposed to eat it with rice, but they gave me so much na'an I passed. It was more than enough for lunch and has kept me full for 5 hours now. To each their own!

Tomato Soup

Of course, I've already had two soups -- they're always an easy option. Yesterday, I had delicious butternut squash soup and a tomato basil soup. What's so special about them? The butternut squash soup incorporated pumpkin seed oil, and the tomato soup was topped with toasted almonds. And now I am ALL about toasted almonds.

What I ate and drank today (7/25/2018)

Tomato and cucumber salad

Muesli with low fat milk

2 oz of feta cheese

Coconut rice

Malai Kofta

Lots of water

1 White Cap Lite beer

Vegetarian sushi (mostly avocado filling)

1 Tusker malt beer

1 kiwi cosmo


~2 miles of walking

Strength training (arms and core)

What I ate and drank today (7/24/2018)


Cucumbers and tomatoes

Bran muffin

2 cups of coffee

Lime and ginger juice

Butternut squash soup with bread

1 White Cap lager

1 Tusker

Lots of water


25 minutes on the treadmill

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