Trekking and Tracking: "Geisha" Sushi

Not sure what makes it "Geisha" sushi, but I am in love with it. Rolled in spinach instead of seaweed, stuffed with carrots, cucumbers and cashews, and brushed with a cashew sauce, this sushi is amazing. I'll probably never have the skills to pull it off in my kitchen, but a girl can dream, and hopefully, I can incorporate some aspects of it, especially the cashews.

Geisha Sushi

What I ate and drank today (7/31/2018)

2 veggie samosas

Sauteed spinach

4 tomato slices with a sprinkle of salt

Lots of water

1 cup of coffee

Grilled halloumi burger with tomato chutney

Side salad

3 pita chips

"Geisha" sushi

1 glass of white wine (South African sav blanc)

Nightcap - whiskey and coffee


Strength training (arms, core and legs)

~1 mile of walking

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