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Trekking and Tracking: Chili Garlic Eggplant "Sushi"

I put "sushi" in quotation marks, because this is definitely not a sushi roll, but I very much dug it. Plus, how simple? The seaweed is throughout the rice and the crispy eggplant is on top. Easy day. The old man doesn't like eggplant and I don't like having SO much rice, so here's the plan:

Eggplant Sushi

Sweet potato rice mixed with sauteed kale as the base. Maybe use Chinese Five Spice for seasoning. On top, a thick chili garlic mushroom gravy of sorts. If I execute it and it turns out awesome, I might even take full credit for the creation :)

What I ate and drank today (8/11/2018)

Lots of water

1 glass of ginger lime juice

1 cup of coffee

1 cup of tea

Breakfast: 5 tomato slices with salt, turmeric rice, eggplant, with carrots on the side

Lunch: carrot soup, rice, carrots, piece of bread, homemade ice cream, 1 beer

Dinner: eggplant sushi, glass of white wine

Feeling REALLY fat right now. Goals for coming week:

  • Continue working out

  • Less rice (though God it will be hard. It's a lot of rice around here.)

  • Less drinking alcohol

  • More drinking water (thought I've been doing very well, going harder)

  • More actively avoiding dairy


30 minutes on the treadmill

~ 20 minutes of walking around the tea farm

2 miles (1 mile each way to dinner)

What I ate and drank today (8/10/2018)

1 cup of coffee

Lots of water

2 veggie rolls

5 tomato slices with salt

1 bowl of shredded wheat with low fat milk

Avocado and tomato sandwich

~1/4 cup of coleslaw

Mattar mushrooms with naan

Red wine


~2 hours of city walking

30 minutes on the elliptical

What I ate and drank today (8/9/2018)

1 cup of coffee

Lots of water

~1 cup of sauteed spinach

5 tomato slices with salt

2 veggie samosas

1 bran muffin

1 "super green" smoothie* (mint, celery, avocado, spinach, basil, apple, & honey)

4 crackers with cheese

6 green olives

Falafel pita with hummus

Fries (which I immediately regretted inhaling)

Red wine


~1 mile of walking around the city

What I ate and drank today (08/08/2018)

1/2 cup of creamy eggplant over 1/2 cup of rice

2 veggie rolls

1 shot of strawberry yogurt (seriously, the serve in shots here)

1 cup of coffee

Lots of water

5 or 6 olives

Beet and halloumi salad (with greens, Macadamia nuts)

2 pita chips

Red wine

Spinach and kale salad with injera (Ethiopian food rules!)

1 beer


30 minutes on the treadmill

~1 mile of walking around town

What I ate and drank today (08/07/2018)

Lots of water

2 cups of coffee

5 tomato slices with salt

2 veggies samosas

1 bowl of Wheatabix with low fat milk

1/2 a small bran muffin with walnuts

Greek salad with grilled eggplant

Piece of garlic bread

1 iced latte

Paneer and citrus salad (grapefruit, greens, cashews)

White wine

Red wine

Fruit and veggie count: tomatoes, peas, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, onions, olives, orange slices, grapefruit slices... TEN!


Strength training and yoga

Some minimal walking, but oh so many stairs

*The "Super Green" smoothie is supposed to come with moringa, but a cursory Google search showed that it might have bad side effects with my various medications. All show low percentages, but given all the rare things that ail me, I'm not going to risk it until I talk to my doctors.

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