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Sous Vide Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

I have made cauliflower alfredo sauce before, but we have a sous vide, so why not try this recipe? Guess what. It's AMAZING! Sous vide is a culinary marvel. I was a bit worried because I changed most of the ingredients to make it vegan and I thought it might lose its creaminess. I was stupid to have doubted myself. What I changed:

  • I used 2.5 cups of cauliflower florets instead of 2.

  • I used a new vegan butter instead of my usual dairy/plant based blend. I think I'll update my favorite brands page after this.

  • I used 1 cup of veggie stock instead of 1/2 cup of chicken stock.

  • And I used almond milk instead of whole cow's milk.

I made the sauce yesterday, because I didn't want to be tempted to order in. Trying to get this year started off right, after all. The flavor held up well and paired great with sweet potato noodles, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms.

Changes I made: replaced dairy products with vegan options.

sous vide alfredo

Soure: Anova | Makes: ~2 cups | Time: 2+ hrs (most inactive)


2.5 cups chopped #cauliflower florets

2 garlic cloves, crushed

2 tbsp vegan butter

1 cup vegetable stock (homemade to reduce sodium)

2 tbsp almond milk

Salt and pepper


Put everything into a bag, fold the edge of the bag over and clip it to the edge, then cook sous vide at 181 F (83 C) for 2 hours.

Transfer to a blender or food processor and blend until smooth – season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve over your pasta of choice. I did sweet potato noodles with extra produce on top.


What I ate and drank today

1 cup of coffee

1 cup decaf

2 glasses of water

1 apple

Lebanese inspired bowl with kale, chickpeas, hummus, dates, carrots, red bell peppers, cucumbers

Tonight's recipe


~ miles of walking

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