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Pumpkin Red Curry Udon Noodles

Modified an I Am A Food Blog Recipe | Serves: 2 small servings | Time: ~30 min


2 cups #broccoli florets

1/3 cup #pumpkin puree

1 tbsp creamy #AlmondButter

2 tbsp red curry paste

2 cloves of garlic, minced

Red chili flakes, to taste

Sesame seeds, to taste

Green onion, for garnish


In a large bowl, whisk together the pumpkin, almond butter, red curry paste and garlic. Set aside.

Cook the udon according to the package instructions. When cooked, turn off the heat and using a pair of tongs, carefully pull out the udon noodles and toss right into the pumpkin mixture. The noodles will still be slightly wet, which is fine.

Bring the udon water back up to a boil to cook the broccoli until bright green and tender, no more than 2 minutes. Pull the broccoli out of the water and add to the udon mix, saving the hot water.

Toss the udon, broccoli and sauce. If too thick, add some hot udon water. Add chili flakes, sesame seeds and green onion, and serve. If you want to make a meat eater happy, add some diced chicken or a fried egg on top.

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