Leftovers Idea: Jerk Lentils & Banana Scramble Breakfast Bowl

Yesterday's jerk lentils were out of this world, so why not reheat them and enjoy this morning? I was going to simple skip the rice and add a fried egg, but then I remembered we made banana scrambled eggs back in January, and what could be more perfect?

Makes: 2 | Time: 10 min


Leftover Jerk lentils

1 banana

1 egg

Oil of choice, to cook the scrambled eggs

Cajun seasoning, to taste


Reheat the lentils. At the same time, make your eggs.

Heat oil in a small pan over medium heat. In a small bowl, mash the banana then add the egg. Whisk together until combined. Add mixture to pan, stir slightly to cook.

Divvy the lentils into bowls, and top with eggs. Sprinkle some Cajun seasoning on top. Enjoy!

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