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Leftovers Idea: Caribbean Mango Papaya Toast

We had about half of our mango-papaya salsa leftover from last night's plantain fritter meal, and decided to do what we do most mornings in self-quarantine: come up with a new toast!

Caribbean Mango Papaya Toast

Makes: 2-3 pieces of toast | Time: 10 min


2-3 pieces of bread, toasted

2-3 eggs or helpings of egg whites (I did scrambled egg whites today)

2-4 tbsp #hummus

Leftover #mango #papaya salsa


While your bread toasts, cook your eggs or egg whites like you like in some Trinidad lemon-garlic marinade. Spread some hummus over your toast. Then add the egg or egg whites. Then add the salsa, and enjoy!

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