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Beyond Breakfast Burger

So, keep in mind I have described this site as a food journal and not a food blog. It really did start as a way for me to keep track of what I eat and how much I exercise. I still do that pretty often, but in the last year I've been cramming recipes down your throat.

This entry is just to show you a way you can use Beyond Meat. We took the ground beyond meat and mixed it with Montreal steak seasoning. Then formed four patties and cooked those on a stove top with some oil until our desired level of doneness was achieved, though of course you can cook them on the grill. We have in the past. We were just lazy this weekend. We added to buns, topped the patties with some green tomato chutney, and devoured them. The whole thing took less than 15 min.

My husband and I only had one burger each for dinner, so we had two more patties leftover the next day. Why not make a breakfast burger? So we added a sunny side up egg, sprinkled with more Montreal steak seasoning, and called it a day. So...

beyond breakfast burger

Suggested Ingredients

1 pack of Beyond Meat ground meat

Seasoning of choice

Cooking oil, if cooking on a pan

Toppings of choice (we did chutney both for dinner and for breakfast)

An egg, if you're down for a breakfast sandwich

Follow the loose instructions I already mentioned above.

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