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2021 in Review

The year isn't completely over yet, but with only a few more recipes to go, why not take a look at my 4th year trying brand new vegetarian meals?


I say "we" because the hubs deserves credit for bringing a decent portion of these recipes to life. He often comes up with spice innovations as well. Credit where credit is due, after all.

Who Inspired Me (other than my husband)?

I referenced 138 blogs this year to come up with some of the most my most innovative meals to date. In previous years, I've leaned heavily on popular blogs like Minimalist Baker and Connoisserus Veg, but this year I spread the love. Not one blog was referenced more than 10 times. Here are the "top blogs":

My Favorite New Ingredients

This year was the first time ever I cooked with #hibiscus flowers and #halloumi. This year was also the first year I had ever tasted hibiscus outside of tea. It definitely was not my first time trying halloumi, but definitely the first time eating it any other way than just as a sauteed appetizer. Some stand out recipes include:

What are my plans for these ingredients in 2022? Halloumi will be just everywhere and in every way possible LOL. As far as hibiscus, I am dead set on creating a "Jamaican" ravioli. Stay tuned.

My Favorite Quarantine Ingredient

So we're not in quarantine anymore, but you never know when I knew lockdown will pop up. #Apples are a great staple for this because they keep for so long. This year, the recipes I chose made a pretty common flavor sing. Here are my favorites:

Other Favorite Recipes (yours included!)

Here are some of the most clicked on recipes. You may have already enjoyed them on your own, or maybe you bookmarked them and never gave them another second thought. No time like the present to give it a go!




Pasta (my favorite categorty)

Sandwiches & Such

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