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Hi, I'm Cate!

In 2017, I learned I have one kidney smaller than the other and some related kidney problems. Among other things, the doctor prescribed changing to a vegetarian diet. 

In early 2018, I was told to cut out dairy and egg yolks all together, and to generally avoid saturated fats. So, my recipes are often vegan.

I also have a thyroid disorder, and I can't have soy. So this is a tofu-free zone.

I call this site a food journal because I use it to plan out my meals and keep track of what I eat and drink throughout the day.

The goal is to share my take on expert recipes, keep my body healthy, and maybe lose some %@&# weight. 

I am not a nutritionist or a doctor. My health conditions are specific and my diet won't be for everyone, but I'm sure there's something here you'll enjoy.